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Samsung Galaxy S7 Rosewood (smart series)

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#GalaxyS7 #rosewood #rubbersides #pandafood This Phat Panda Samsung S7 Case/Cover is Rosewood with TPU rubber along the sides. This case is exceptionally striking with the contrast of rich rosewood and black TPU...

#GalaxyS7 #rosewood #rubbersides #pandafood

This Phat Panda Samsung S7 Case/Cover is Rosewood with TPU rubber along the sides. This case is exceptionally striking with the contrast of rich rosewood and black TPU rubber sides. The perfect accessory for your Samsung.

Material: Rosewood with TPU sides

Fits Samsung Galaxy S7

Personalised Engraving
personalised engraved covers

Set yourself apart with a personalised wooden phone cover. A personalised wood phone cover is also the perfect gift.

If you do not have a specific graphic in mind, we have a variety of graphics & fonts to choose from. For instance, if you have a favourite quote, why not custom engrave it on your phone cover. If you have a business, there is nothing better than to give your customers a branded wooden phone cover. There are many possibilities.

How To Order A Cover With Personalised Engraving
process of engraving cover

1. When placing your order, be sure to select "with engraving". Please take note of the additional charge of engraving. 

2. Email your artwork to, alternatively send an email with the specific font or graphic that has been chosen, listed in the 4th tab below. Please take note of our artwork guidelines in the 3rd tab below. Please note that Phat Panda does not offer Graphic Design services, we will not be able to create artwork. Artwork supplied needs to be finished artwork. Artwork requiring editing will have an additional charge.

3. Please allow for 1-2 days extra for delivery of personalised covers. Phat Panda will only go ahead with the engraving once a mock up has been sent by us and approved by the customer. This process can take up to a day depending on the complexity of the artwork. We make use of an overnight courier service, which means a normal delivery without engraving is 2-3 days. Please allow 4-5 days for delivery of custom engraved covers. i.e. If you place an order for a personalised cover on Monday morning, you would receive the cover on the Thursday or Friday. Outlying areas will have a longer delivery time.

Artwork Guidelines (Personalised Engraving)
artwork guidelines

1. Artwork needs to be supplied in Black and White.

2. Photos cannot be engraved, the artwork needs to be a black and white graphic with no gradients, or colours. An engraver can only "see" black and white, and not colours. i.e. if a graphic has blue, and green in it, it will be engraved as a single colour. 

3. Artwork needs to be supplied in a minimum of 150dpi. Artwork supplied in a lower format, will cause pixelation. If the artwork needs to be expanded to fit the cover, this will also cause pixelation.

4. Artwork needs to be supplied as finished artwork. Phat Panda will use this artwork and layout the artwork to be prepared for engraving. If artwork requires editing, this will be at an extra charge.

Graphics & Fonts Library (Personalised Engraving)

Please see the library of Graphics and Fonts that are available. You may choose to have a graphic on its own, or a nice inspirational quote on its own, or a combination of both. In addition to the below graphics, we do have the following types of graphics available: Vehicle Brands (VW, Ford, Ferrari, Porsche etc), Motorcycle Brands (Yamaha, Harley Davidson etc), Alcoholic Brands and so forth.


graphics 1 graphics 2 graphics 3 skylines



Phat Panda makes use of an overnight courier service called SWE for all deliveries. Delivery charges are an extra charge. The usual delivery charge for main city centre’s is R80-R100. Areas outside city centers will have a higher delivery charge. Townships & Farms are excluded, as they carry a much higher delivery charge. If you live in a township or on a farm, please contact us first so we can give you an accurate price on delivery.

Main city centers include: Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth & Cape Town.

Refunds, Returns & Exchanges


- Under no circumstances will a refund or exchange be applicable if damage to the product was due to user error. i.e. dropping the product causing it to break, using the product incorrectly.
- Products may be returned within 7 working days, if the product is still in its original packaging, and has not been used. Once the product has been returned, we will issue a refund. Delivery charges will not be refunded.
- Personalised Products, such as Phone Covers, Cutting Boards etc, cannot be returned.
Many of our products, are nondurable goods. For instance a phone cover will have a limited life span, if it is dropped, it may break.
- If the product breaks during use, it cannot be returned

    Returns & Exchanges on faulty products:

    - As soon you receive your product, please ensure that you inspect your product for any manufacturer defects & product faults. If you see a product fault, please contact us immediately if there is a problem.
    - Once the product has been returned, we will issue a refund, or send you a new product.
      Our Guarantee

      - We guarantee our products against manufacturer faults. Because our products are nondurable goods, there is no guarantee on the products during use.

      - Colour Grain / Variation: Because many of our products are natural products, each product has its own unique grain and variation, this is especially true for leather and wood products.

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